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Willow, a shadow puppet, has many friends, follow her as she visits old friends and makes new ones.

Willow is created by my daughter Brianna’s hands, age 6 when we started, along with all of Willow’s animal friends. Brianna worked incredible hard to learn how make each shadow puppet you see in the books, taking great care to make sure each one was the best she could do.

The story in Willow Visits Her Friends is suited for early readers, kindergarten to first grade level with basic to intermediate vocabulary skills.

Willow Travels the World and Willow’s Friends Surprise Her stories are suited more for first grade to second grade level readers with intermediate level vocabulary skills.

Each book can be read independently or you can enjoy them as a collection. We hope as you practice you too will be able to make the shadow puppets and have your own adventures with them.

Willow Series

Willow Visits

Willow Visits Her Friends: A Book of Shadow Puppets

Available Books Willow
Willow Travels the World: A Book of Shadow Puppets

Willow's Friends Surprise Her Willow's Friends Surprise Her (A Book of Shadow Puppets)