I gave up –

Bump in Progress had me beat.

I tried and tried to fix the toc .epub error.  I even added a table of contents.  At one point I added the phrase attempt ’50ish’ to the end of my .doc file.  Frustration finally won out and I abandoned it.  It was still on Smashwords, still on Amazon (with new cover), still on CreateSpace but it just wasn’t in the Premium Catalogue anymore.  I could live with that.

At the beginning of the month they sent me a courtesy email reminding me that the abandoned book did not have Premium status.  Again I decided I could live with it and disregarded the email.  To finish my story I have to go sideways a bit.  I have written a book under another name and it is with my dear beloved beta reader.  While my book is waiting her hectic life to slow down so she can read it I decided to work on my styles and toc.

A chapter in the Smashwords guide I fool-heartly didn’t read.  Even against their repeated expressed advice not to skip any parts.  I didn’t have a table of contents!  Why did I need to read it?  Well after reading it and making a toc for my adult book I dove into fixing my bump in progress.  Using information obtained in the seemingly unneeded chapter of the guide.

I am pleased to share that the book sailed through it’s .file checks.  And while it churned at the place in cyber space where they process books at Smashwords I tweaked soft returns, regular returns, pt spaces and the such to eliminate weird blank pages.  Finally arriving at a version I was pleased with.  (It even sailed through .mobi file checks which it never did before.  This always hung me up and I would just uncheck the box for .mobi conversion.)  This is the current version of the Willow Series with the now white cover!  Onto purple!

About April Dawn Parker

I am mainly a stay at home mom. I have two daughters that keep me on the rode from activity to activity. Some recent endeavors with family have awaken my literary voice so I decided there is no time like the present and embarked on the adventure of making a few books with my six year old, Brianna.

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