‘If I Knew’ by Renee Stanley

If you have a second consider voting for this lady if you like her story idea. If she gets enough votes she wins publishing goodies. A childhood unrequited love. Lincoln was her big brothers best friend and out of her league. Indie was his best friends younger sister and completely off limits. Now Lincoln is set to marry Jasmine and Indie returns home to attend his wedding. All the feelings they had worked hard to push aside are suddenly back full force, the tension is thick and the desire is evident. With a fake boyfriend, a disapproving brother and a sex crazed fiance standing in their way;they must admit their feelings before Linc says I do to the wrong woman and loses Indie forever

Source: ‘If I Knew’ by Renee Stanley


About April Dawn Parker

I am mainly a stay at home mom. I have two daughters that keep me on the rode from activity to activity. Some recent endeavors with family have awaken my literary voice so I decided there is no time like the present and embarked on the adventure of making a few books with my six year old, Brianna.

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