Thankful for … #2

In the month of June I’m going to post everyday something I’m thankful for.

My youngest child.

She is my husband made over. She is brave and cautious at the same time. She’s my oldest daughters voice of reason. She’ll zip-line but won’t speak to strangers. My oldest is the opposite. Full of spunk, independent or hard headed depends on your point of view, and courageous. I learn from her daily.

Mom moment: She is a sharp cookie but she is also quite coordinated. She was born with the ability to roll to her side.


About April Dawn Parker

I am mainly a stay at home mom. I have two daughters that keep me on the rode from activity to activity. Some recent endeavors with family have awaken my literary voice so I decided there is no time like the present and embarked on the adventure of making a few books with my six year old, Brianna.

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