A Book of Shadow Puppets

Waste of time?

I am trying to decide if I should format Bree’s third book as a ebook.  I did the other two and it was kind of a pain with all the pictures.  No ebook copies have sold, she has sold copies of the first two books as books; 12 of the first one and 7 of the second.

She is super proud of her sales and my husband is happily surprised that our mother daughter project is a fruitful endeavor.  Bree is enjoying her profits; she bought books. Lol!  I love it!

(On a side note expect more post from here.  Going to be doing some shout outs in the form of ReBloging.  It looks like the weekends will be the best time for me to do this so keep on eye out for our next post on Saturday.)

Willow's Friends Surprise Her
Willow's Friends Surprise Her

Willow’s Friends Surprise Her : A Book of Shadow Puppets

Willow's Friends Surprise Her

These are the links to the paperback version of Willow Travels the World.

Available on Amazon.

Available on CreateSpace.

Available on Barnes & Noble.

The story focuses on the character Willow as she travels the world, making new friends along the way. It has a simple story with intermediate level vocabulary and multiple short sentences per story page perfect for the budding reader ready for the next challenge. This book contains photographs of shadow puppet animals and a photograph of how my daughter made each of them with her hands so the reader can try to make them on their own.