Willow Visits Her Friends


Here is the link to Willow Visits Her Friends now available as an eBook on Nook!!

Willow Visits Her Friends: A Book of Shadow Puppets by April Parker | 2940151969987 | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble.

Willow Visits Her Friends has been approved into Smashwords Premium Program!  It took a little longer for it to get reviewed for this but it has successfully passed and has been included in the program.  Now we just wait and see if Nook, Apple or Kobo pass it and place it on their eBook eStores.

Willow Visits Her Friends Front Cover

Anxiously awaiting news as to the Premium Status of Willow Visits Her Friends from Smashwords.  Willow Travels the World has already achieved it and it was only posted a short time before maybe an hour.  I am beginning to worry that there was an error in my formatting for the Premium Program.  Keep your fingers crossed, maybe they are just swamped with books that are eligible for the program.

Exciting News!

Willow Visits Her Friends is now available through Smashwords!  I am hoping this opens up a lot more distributors for Brianna’s books.  Also Willow Travels the World is now available on Amazon in paperback!

I must admit with every step forward I make in this endeavor to help Brianna make a book, now two, I am realizing how much work goes into your book after you write it, if you publish on your own.  Even using services like CreateSpace and Smashwords.  Terms of Agreements sometimes take all afternoon to read, then there is the reformatting from your print version to an eBook compilable file and then the waiting to find out if it was approved to go live after all the time and energy you have all ready invested.  I have a new found respect for the process.

Passing on Apple

for now

I think for now until I have a better understanding of the publishing process and Apple’s requirements for placing eBooks on thier site I am going to wait.  I went ahead and got both books, yes I said both books, all set up into an apple template just in case I change my mind.  I gladly will take suggestion on this matter from any familiar with using Apple for eBooks.

Back to the “both books” part, I have submitted the next book in the Shadow Puppet series, Willow Travels the World, to both Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and CreateSpace.  Currently I am just waiting on an email from both telling me they are live!  The next step for the Shadow Puppets series is Nook.  I hope, since Google isn’t taking anyone new at this time.

Here’s the paperback cover of Willow Travels the World.

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Live on Kindle

This is the link to my daughter Brianna’s book Willow Visits Her Friends on Kindle.  She made all the shadow puppets herself and I came up with the story, approved by her of course and I took the photographs of her awesome shadow puppets.  I am still working on the iBooks version so keep your fingers crossed that it works out.


This is the link to the paperback version of the Willow Visits Her Friends. http://www.amazon.com/Willow-Visits-Her-Friends-Puppets/dp/1512376884/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1432682601&sr=8-1&keywords=9781512376883

This is the link to CreateSpace where it is also available in paperback. https://www.createspace.com/5522330

This is Barnes and Nobles link to the paperback. http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/willow-visits-her-friends-april-parker/1122021894?ean=9781512376883

Available Now! Willow Visits Her Friends

Willow Visits Her Friends: A Book of Shadow Puppets

Available now on CreateSpace for purchase!

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So excited!  This evening I officially submitted my daughter Brianna and my first book to CreateSpace for distribution. Content has been approved, just waiting on the cover to pass or fail. Wish us luck!


Thank you for stopping by Parker Publishing.  This is a website fueled into existence by the need for me to get the word out about the books my daughter and I are creating.  She wanted a book about shadow puppets at the beginning of the school year, that lead to us deciding to learn to make shadow puppets, which lead to our creation of one then a second shadow puppet adventure book.  We have also decide to try our hand at a story book where I create the story and she creates the beautiful illustrations.  We have currently reached the stage where we submit our first shadow puppet adventure to CreateSpace for publishing through Amazon.  I will post updates as the process progresses.