Willow Visits Her Friends

Willow Visits Her Friends: A Book of Shadow Puppets

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The links to the eBook version of Willow Visits Her Friends.

Available on Smashwords.

Available on Nook.

Available on iTunes.

Available on Kobo.

These are the links to the paperback version of the Willow Visits Her Friends.

Available at Amazon.

Available at CreateSpace.

Available at Barnes and Noble.

This is a book that features simple sentences, beginner to intermediate vocabulary and an easy to follow story.

All the animals featured in this book can be found in North America.

The story focuses an the main character Willow as she spends time visiting her animal friends.

This book is a collaboration between me and my 6 year old daughter Brianna.  She learned and made all the shadow puppets in the book with her hands.  I photographed her making the animal shadows and then came up with a story idea that Brianna approved.


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