Bump in progress

Per suggestion as I mentioned a few days ago I changed the cover of the second Willow book, Willow Travels the World.  I thought this would be no big deal, change the cover, submit and go about my merry way.  Well for some reason this simple change has now got the book flagged for having an ePub error, ‘calibre_toc_2’, there is more to it but that’s not the important part.  Oddly enough it always had that ePub error, actually both books do when I ran them through the ePub check.  So I am confused as to why suddenly it halts our re-inclusion with the new cover into the Premium Program with Smashwords.  I don’t know anything about ePub or it’s errors but ‘toc’ I have noticed usually means table of contents, I don’t even have one.  So, I have no idea how to fix an error on something I don’t even have.  What I gather it’s a malfunctioning link and since I have no ‘toc’ links I went ahead and checked all my hyper links to my social media and they all are working correctly.  I resubmitted it as an ePub file so wish me luck.  My next move will be just to resubmit the previous version that got expectance and hope it sneaks through like it did before.  At least the book is still available in the other cover on Smashwords distribution sites like iBooks, Kobo and Nook.  The new cover is available on Kindle but not in paperback yet, it’s in the works with CreateSpace for distribution on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc..  Already submitted, approved and checked.


Willow Travels the World has been approved into Smashwords Premium Program! This may lead to Nook, iBooks, Kobo and more! This was no easy feat, I had to give up on Kindle through this route to achieve this but we did Kindle Direct so you can still find us there.

Willow 2 is Live!

Willow Travels the World is live and available for purchase on Kindle and in paperback on CreateSpace!  Amazon and Barnes & Noble availability for paperback will follow in a few days.

I couldn’t be more proud of this accomplishment my girl is sharing with me.

Passing on Apple

for now

I think for now until I have a better understanding of the publishing process and Apple’s requirements for placing eBooks on thier site I am going to wait.  I went ahead and got both books, yes I said both books, all set up into an apple template just in case I change my mind.  I gladly will take suggestion on this matter from any familiar with using Apple for eBooks.

Back to the “both books” part, I have submitted the next book in the Shadow Puppet series, Willow Travels the World, to both Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and CreateSpace.  Currently I am just waiting on an email from both telling me they are live!  The next step for the Shadow Puppets series is Nook.  I hope, since Google isn’t taking anyone new at this time.

Here’s the paperback cover of Willow Travels the World.

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Live on Kindle

This is the link to my daughter Brianna’s book Willow Visits Her Friends on Kindle.  She made all the shadow puppets herself and I came up with the story, approved by her of course and I took the photographs of her awesome shadow puppets.  I am still working on the iBooks version so keep your fingers crossed that it works out.

This is the link to the paperback version of the Willow Visits Her Friends.

This is the link to CreateSpace where it is also available in paperback.

This is Barnes and Nobles link to the paperback.

Pricing Crises Over

My husband got some time to wrap his brain around the percent of royalties stuff and with his imput I picked their suggested price when it was all said and done. So after a few excruciating hours waiting on Kindle Direct Publishing’s review process Willow Visits Her Friends went LIVE on Kindle today!  Now I am working on the iBooks version.

Switched Hats!

I switched hats tonight going from a writer to publisher so instead of working on the second Willow adventure, I uploaded files to Kindle for the ebook version of Willow Visits Her Friends.  After a few minor edits to the description, a whole conversion from docx to jpeg and the informational portion of the process I made it to the pricing section and my brain is too tired to decide between 35% and 70%.  So I am off to bed tonight, a fresh start is waiting on me in the morning and a brain that can comprehend and weigh the benefits of the two options.